Anne C. Foreman; Chef and Proprietor, Moments Coffee Bar and Anne’s Custom Catering

Fresh, bold, bright, distinctive.

These are the adjectives that follow Anne’s unique blends and culinary ideas wherever they go. Anne’s passion of food was kindled at a remarkably young age, and has only grown and spread like wildfire in the forty plus years since it was ignited.

   Anne comes from an artistic family, the youngest of five. Her father turned down a career in Art to study theology and eventually become the president of a major American seminary. Anne’s mother always made a point not only to make delicious food, but she was also always conscious of the color of the servings on the plate–always ensuring it was aesthetically as well as gastronomically pleasing. Anne’s cooking career began when she was ten years old. Her mom went back to work and the meals became thawed frozen food. When Anne expressed concern about this change, her mother said, “Why don’t you cook for us, Anne?” So she took her mother’s advice; she would write out menus, her mother would shop and Anne cooked dinner every night until she left for college.

   With this experience under her belt, Anne naturally gravitated toward any cooking opportunity. At a summer beach mission she did all the cooking in addition to all the other activities expected of her. Her passion continued to grow as she finished college, got married, and began her own family. Any potluck dinner at church began with, “Which is Mrs. Foreman’s?” But for the next twenty years she devoted herself unselfishly to her eight children, but in that time she devoured every cooking magazine and cookbook she could get her hands on–her passion for food never waning.

   After moving to South West Virginia with her family, she was part of a wine tasting club at the Chateau Morrisette and got into a conversation with the chef asking about the fennel in an hors d’oeuvre. She pointed out that it was an unusual combination to use fennel with another particular herb. The chef was quite impressed with her ability to distinguish ingredients, and told her that she had a genuine gift. As the conversation went on, Anne suggested that the chef combine the ingredients of the hors d’oeuvre differently to get a better consistency. The chef was not just amazed at Anne’s knowledge, but also recommended that the Blacksburg Gourmet Club get Anne to do a spread for their next meeting. Her career was launched. From 2000 until 2003, she was contracted to the majority of the cooking for the different events in the lives of the gourmet club members.

   In 2004, Anne moved to Asheville where word of what she could do spread by word of mouth. From wedding to wedding and party to party. During the first year, she did her commercial cooking from a home kitchen often doing weddings for 250 people, sometimes borrowing the neighbor’s kitchen. Creative problem solving has always been one of her strengths.

   From 2004 to 2006, she was the chef at Camp Merrimac for Girls and Timberlake for Boys serving three meals a day to over 450 people along with special meals for campers and staff who could not make the regular meals. She ran a staff of sixteen people ranging every level of ability, she was able to obtain the best out of each one. The title of chef is not overstating her position: She took the job on two conditions: 1) she would not have to prepare camp food, but would cook from scratch; 2) she would work with the counselors to coach them how to teach the kids to appreciate fine food. They dined family style with common serving bowls, and ‘camp food’ had never been better. During her time at the camp she continued to do full weddings on the side, some of them for over 300 guests.

   In 2007 Anne left the camp and opened a coffee bar at a charming craftsman style house in Swannanoa, the day to day of which was run by her husband and son. She continued her career cooking out of a 4-H camp kitchen which had not been renovated since World War II, other than two commercial ovens which she bought and brought into the kitchen. In 2009 she rented warehouse space and turned it into a kitchen. Soon after, she became the preferred caterer at Hidden River Events in Swannanoa. Anne’s catering career has since branched out to corporate catering at doctor’s offices in Asheville, and surrounding areas as well as social occasions.

   All of Anne’s accomplishments were acheived while finishing off the raising of her family, and without outside financing. She is currently the owner-proprietor of Moments Coffee Bar and Anne’s Custom Catering (formerly Moments Café and Pâtisserie) in Swannanoa, NC.


1 thought on “Anne”

  1. Rachel Aderholdt said:

    Hi Anne,
    Your food looks amazing! My fiancé and I are getting married on October 29, 2016 and we will be having a small wedding of about 50 people. Could you give me your rates on your different sample menus?

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